IL-CERT (Israeli Cyber Emergency Response Team) is Israel’s civilian center for addressing Information Security and Cyber events. IL-CERT is an unaffiliated and professional organization that provides an address for people and organizations in Israel and world-wide to report events concerning the Internet in Israel. IL-CERT is responsible for coordinating activities in addressing security events, pro-active activities before they occur and information sharing and public awareness on issues of Information Security and Privacy.

As a civilian, unaffiliated non-profit, for coordinating and dealing with threats on connected information systems, IL-CERT sees a high priority in increasing awareness and knowledge of the population as a whole to Information Security and Privacy issues and acts to further these causes. Recent Information Security events in Israel have highlighted the need for a professional evaluation of events (as opposed to media or law-enforcement evaluation), and delivering quality assessments and recommendations to the public at large. IL-CERT acts to investigate such events and publish information to the public on how to deal with future incidents, defense tools, etc.

IL-CERT Activities

  • Investigation and response to Information Security events that affect our constituency, and providing quality assessments and recommendations to the public.
  • Coordinating the handling of security events while they occur, while remaining non-affiliated and professional, between various entities in Israel and abroad.
  • Public Relations and Awareness – Publishing threat information and defense tools.